New year new work

2015 is gonna be a stormer of a year.

I have a couple of projects on the go.
First one is an interactive embroidery- working title 'A WInter's Movement'. 

Following the life cycle of a fictional family ‘A Winter’s Movement’ is a meter square interactive embroidery designed to widen the boundaries of narrative based embroidery.

For the work I've hand drawn each of the individual elements within the drawing and collaged them together digitally. The file will then be digitally printed onto fabric and finished with hand embroidery. Mixing traditional and non traditional techniques I'm working in a way which holds onto tradition, yet is open and encompassing the modern.
The major plot lines of ‘A Winter’s Movement’ will be hand stitched using conductive thread which will be rigged up to a computer. On a continuous loop the work will have a single soundtrack playing throughout. Interaction by touch on the sections stitched with conductive thread will trigger a separate piece of music which will join in with the main soundtrack adding to the life of the work. Once the touch is removed the new sound will fade.  
I will be working with sound artist Gawain Hewitt and musician Michael Tanner on the work. Super chuffed to be working with these guys.

 Anyway here are a few work in progress shots of the piece developing.